It’s time to organize and we need YOUR help! We recognize that this is a busy time for all of us but swift action is required!

What you can do:

1: JOIN US AT LAFCO on December 5th at 9:30 AM – County Building, 901 Ocean St. at Water St. and tell LAFCO that you want them either to deny UCSC’s application for extraterritorial water service OR that you want them, at the very least, to require that water supply and endangered species issues are resolved BEFORE any development can take place. Make it clear that the UCSC administration does not represent the voice of the university!

2: IF YOU CAN’T COME TO THE MEETING, you can still participate! Teach the Forest is a campaign to spread the word about the proposed campus development plan, educate people about the threats to upper campus and water sustainability, and inspire people to join the movement. Join this effort by signing up for email updates (at left bar).

Download and print the Teach the Forest presentation

Teach The Forest Presentation

LAFCO Petition

3: Send an email to LAFCO  (see home page)


4 responses to “participate

  1. From what I can understand, this petition only asks for this destruction to happen in a more water-friendly way instead of stopping it all together. Is this true?

  2. Thanks so much for your question!

    The answer is both yes and no. Our group is committed to completely stopping the current UCSC Long Range Development Plan. We demand that the University entirely rework its plans for the future so that they are both educationally sound and ecologically sustainable. For us, sustainability certainly includes, but also far exceeds, basic issues of water supply. We want to permanently halt expansion in upper campus areas.

    The petition is focused specifically on water issues because it is addressing LAFCO’s board members, to whom the petition will be given on June 6. UCSC is applying for LAFCO approval in order to extend water service to the upper campus area slated for development. A key part of LAFCO’s mission is to ensure the “[t]imely availability of water supplies adequate for projected needs” (See LAFCO website:

    As much as we would like them to do so, LAFCO does not have the ability to deny UCSC’s application for water service just because it is a generally bad plan. Legally, LAFCO is also unable to deny the application due to potentially deleterious effects on the surrounding landscape because the project’s Environmental Impact Report (EIR) has not been ruled invalid by a court. Although we believe the current EIR, which remains in litigation, is flawed, such arguments are not likely to be effective in the context of a LAFCO hearing.

    We want LAFCO to either deny UCSC’s application for upper campus water service or place so many restrictions on UCSC’s water use that upper campus expansion becomes unfeasible. If UCSC is unable to obtain water service to upper campus, the University will then have to craft a new Long Range Development Plan with a different vision for the campus. If UCSC has to draft new guiding documents, that gives all of us a chance to pressure the University to create a more educationally and ecologically responsible plan.

    We want LAFCO to help us halt the current plan. However, LAFCO will only do so if it feels the UCSC expansion project threatens local water supplies. As a result, our petition speaks narrowly to water issues although our group is concerned with much broader issues related to growth, environmental sustainability, and educational quality.

    Please let us know if you have more questions!

    Teach the Forest Team

  3. Right, but again, the petition doesn’t even call for strict policy implementation. It only asks LAFCO to do what it already has to do: comply with the law. Can you outline how this will help?

  4. For instance, you say:
    “We want LAFCO to either deny UCSC’s application for upper campus water service or place so many restrictions on UCSC’s water use that upper campus expansion becomes unfeasible.”

    But the petition doesn’t include these desires.

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