Saving Upper Campus at the Ballotbox

The next election could determine whether the UCSC administration will win approval for a massive expansion onto 240 acres of undeveloped forest, the upper campus.

Two years ago students, faculty and staff stalled the UCSC administration’s planned campus expansion by organizing and filling the chambers at LAFCO meetings, the government body in charge of approving water service for campus growth.

The current strategy to save upper campus is the ballot box. The Santa Cruz City Council will decide whether to continue or withdraw their support for UCSC expansion. So it makes a huge difference who is elected to the Council.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Click here to register to vote in Santa Cruz so that you we can elect Leonie Sherman and Bruce Van Allen who will help save upper campus. Registration deadline is Oct 20th.
  • Forward this email to others. The message needs to reach your network of friends and associates if this effort is to be successful.
  • Reply to this email if you would like to help.

Resources:  Check out this site for the current schedule of guided forest walks in the upper campus.


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